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About Celebrity On The Side - CelebrityOnTheSide.com

Historically celebrities have been the product of family connections and/or a costly amount of media promotion. Thanks to Internet video, the opportunity for anyone to brand and market themselves is now available. Founder and host of IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel, I’m personally aware of the power and scalability of social media. I’m also an advocate of independent success. YouTube multi-channel networks (“MCNs”) are a vehicle that many YouTubers use to fast-track their subscriber and video view growth. Unfortunately, many MCNs capture a portion of one’s monthly advertising revenue and/or a portion of creative control. That’s a less-than-ideal proposition in my opinion, for an entrepreneur that wishes to “run their own show.”

CelebrityOnTheSide.com is a professional grooming service for YouTube celebrities. Realizing that one does not always become famous and financially independent overnight, CelebrityOnTheSide.com shares formulas that can easily blend with one’s other professional obligations. Success is not guaranteed but it should make managing a normal day-to-day plus Internet fame more effortless.

One-on-one social media consulting services are also available. Please contact me for more information.

Best Regards,
Ed “IrixGuy”
IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel